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Steve Rothman On New Artists in Galleries

Steve Rothman

One of the reasons I decided to open my  own gallery “Bellagio International Gallery” was to have the opportunity to work with numerous artist .Where in the past, I had worked with one artist that owned numerous galleries. The Idea to bring in different styles of art which would give customers a variety of medium’s and techniques to learn and experience all the different forms of art and artists from around the world.
We have such a variety of talent, major superstars and up and coming stars that are taking the art world by storm.  We have a brilliant new artist from Quebec City .We  also have some phenomenal veterans from, San Francisco, L.A. , New York , Argentina and even Russia
While selling art in Las Vegas I felt a little confined  working with one artist. I wanted customers to be able to walk into a gallery and experience all forms of art .Give them a variety of choices to choose from. We all know every one’s tastes differ .That’s what was so exciting, to pull a variety of artist in one gallery. But keeping in mind not to make the gallery to overwhelming.
Again art does compete with art ,but a nice variety of completely different styles and mediums makes for a nice selection. Which has made for a very successful galley.
I love seeing new and young artist become a success ,the reason why is the art business is very hard to succeed in.
 So when a new artist starts to take off, it usually means he or she is doing something new and different. Do not be afraid to buy from a gallery with a new artist, if you like their work. It is very difficult to have your work placed in galleries.
So the gallery has a good reason to put up the work, they believe in the artist.


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