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How Retail Has Changed

Selling retail has changed dramatically over the last 7 years.I am not just talking about in the art business. Most retail companies have taken away incentives, bonuses, spiffs and commissions.
We have order takers in stores ,hourly employees . The retail departments are complaining sales are down. The economy has hit them hard .I say B.S, people are still spending money .But they want service ,full service. They want be waited on and helped by educated employees.  Not order takers that know nothing about the product they are selling. This country has gotten lazy with the internet shopping
I worked with companies training employees to put extra cash in their pockets, giving them a reason to be enthused to come into work to make more than minimum wage. But this has to start with the company using an incentive plan. You want to increase sales , guaranteed profits and increase  margins.
It’s all about customer service .I worked in the hospitality business for 17 yrs. Bad service is like a plague, once it leaks out that the service is terrible your dead in the water.  Customers will try a restaurant 2 two 3 times even if the food is  not up to par ,if they like the atmosphere and service . They won’t come back for a second time if the experience is a bad one. Food can be corrected ,service is the responsibility of taking ownership of your employees.This starts with training ,educating and most importantly motivating, a fun and healthy work environment with incentives . We want to grow in our work place and strive to make more money.Not stay stagnant .What happened to the American way!

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