Nano Lopez

Nano Lopez

Nano LopezNano’s provocative and emotionally charged animal sculptures are unlike anything else in the world. They challenge preconceptions and defy convention. He creates avant-garde art by combining his classical training and his willingness to experiment with different materials and rich surface textures. Nano creates animal sculptures that are strong and thought-provoking. Through sculpted textures, stampings, and unique patina finishes, his work captures a spirit, part whimsy, part esoteric.
Nano Lopez was born in 1955, in Bogotá, Colombia. In 1978 he traveled to Spain and began working for the renowned sculptor Francisco Baron. While with Francisco, Nano carved marble, granite and fabricated steel, working with all three materials on a monumental scale. It was in Madrid that he began casting his own works in bronze and had his first single artist show. After two years, Nano made his way to France, where he continued to study and exhibit his work. In 1981 he returned to Bogotá to build a studio and put to use the methods he had learned in Europe. In 1983 he moved again, this time to the Pacific Northwest coast of the United States, further developing his abilities in welding, tooling and patinas.

In his artistic process, Nano Lopez integrates organic textures and man-made objects into his bronzes, creating works of art that reflect the same depth and richness that he sees in the world around him. Observe closely, Nano’s signature works, and discover a deep respect for life, clearly observed, where everything, even a mischievous goat balanced on a pile of castaway tires, exceeds the amazing.

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