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Misconceptions About Buying Art

In an ongoing effort to separate art world facts from fantasy, This is an interesting article  I found on the web. Successful artist/gallery relationships are built on trust, knowledge, cooperation and understanding, and the better and more informed artists are about how art galleries really work, the greater the chances that their gallery relationships will […]

Buyer Beware: A Guide to Buying Art

How To Buy Art I can help you learn the art of collecting the right art! Buyer Be Aware what kind of art are you purchasing. Art has become a commodity ,we are now hearing about funds that are carrying art,wine ,diamonds or precious metals. Sotherby’s last year just had close to a billion dollar […]

Steve Rothman On New Artists in Galleries

Steve Rothman Bellagio One of the reasons I decided to open my  own gallery “Bellagio International Gallery” was to have the opportunity to work with numerous artist .Where in the past, I had worked with one artist that owned numerous galleries. The Idea to bring in different styles of art which would give customers a […]

A Few Great Women Artists

Bellagio International Gallery has experienced an amazing year in Fort Lauderdale Florida ,carrying artist from all over the world . Start paying close attention to to a few women artists that have been creating some amazing work. These artists are definitely worth taking a look at . These are artists are Sue Averell, Joelle Blouin, […]

A Brief Introduction To Collecting Art

Did you know that a fine art print can be damaged hanging in your own home, regardless of whether or not it is hit by a disaster? As a collector, you should be aware of the many protective measures that can help safeguard your treasures from those elements that can cause harm to your art. […]

How Retail Has Changed

Selling retail has changed dramatically over the last 7 years.I am not just talking about in the art business. Most retail companies have taken away incentives, bonuses, spiffs and commissions. We have order takers in stores ,hourly employees . The retail departments are complaining sales are down. The economy has hit them hard .I say […]

Socrates Approves To Buy Art

Socrates once said a man without art in his home, is a man without soul. Art it is strictly an a emotional purchase, as someone who sells art for a living .You have to know your clients.Buying art is personal .I tell my clients, it is like falling in love for the first time .You […]

Donald Trump: If You Can Sell Art, You Can Sell Anything

I get asked why I named the book and set my lectures with this title. when a lot of what I talk about has to do with buying art also educating the public and galleries on the process of buying and selling. The title actually came from Donald Trump from the show the  Apprentice He […]