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The Art of Buying Art

There are three rules most important when you’re buying a piece of art.

  • You have to love the piece
  • The art should be within your means as far as price goes
  • last but not least you must have a place for the art

Pretty simple rules to go by. But we can break this down a little further.

Art is something that we get enjoyment from. It’s not always a justifiable purchase. Art should trigger all of our senses. The old philosophers used to say a man without art in his home, is a man without soul.

Art is personal, it does not have to match the furniture or the Decor of the home. Art is an extension of our personality. We all have different tastes, that’s what makes fine art so interesting, whether it’s traditional or contemporary.

“The art of Buying Art Consulting” offers Zoom classes full of helpful hints and tips you can use while acquiring the right piece. Signup for a Zoom class today, where you will receive the education and understanding you will need while searching for the right piece, wether for the home or office.

The Art of Buying Art classes will help to eliminate the anxiety Of purchasing a piece of fine art. We will give you an understanding on how to make a wise and enjoyable decision when you walk into an art gallery so you will not feel intimidated.

As they say, having knowledge is power. Learn everything you need to know about the different mediums and types of artists. Learn about editions - limited ,Artist Proofs, serigraphs, lithographs,giclee's and originals. Also learn about sculptures, Bronzes, mixed media sculptures and resins.

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The Art of Buying Art Consulting

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